How do we do it & with what?

  • Automated measurements with LabVIEW
  • VSM Measurements over temperature
  • VSM measurements over temperature are done for Curie point evaluation.
  • Specialized instrument development
  • SMC can develop custom instruments for special measurements such as larger thin films or high temperatures using “S” parameters.
  • RF Complex Constitutive Parameters to 3.0 GHz
  • RF complex constitutive parameters to 30 GHz measurement are made with a Network Analyzer.
  • Data presented in EXCEL format
  • Data is presented in EXCEL format and delivered via CD, hard copy, or email.
  • Presentation quality data graphics
  • Quality data graphics can be used as insertions into presentations.
  • Access to our extensive Magnetics Library
  • Reference access to SMC’s magnetics library could be an asset.  SMC has one of the most extensive classic book collections available anywhere.
  • Magnetic Materials Consulting
  • Use magnetic materials consulting based on 30+ years of RF and magnetic material design and analysis.
  • Independent Lab QA
  • When a second opinion is needed, contact the MagLab for an independent lab analysis.
  • Coax & Waveguide materials measurements with Automatic Network Analyzer
  • Coax and wave guide materials measurements are available.  Transverse electromagnetic, TEM cell measurements to characterize device and material application to 3 GHz can be performed.

Sample data format of results

Special Magnetic Core Sample X-1

Coercive Field: 193.5 Oe

Max Flux Density: 20550.9

Remnanet Field: 7723.1

Max EMU/g: 213.5