Southern Magnetics Corporation

Southern Magnetics offers a practical solution to your magnetic & EM material measurement problems.

Southern Magnetics is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Southern Magnetics Corp (SMC) is a Georgia corporation, established in 2006 to provide an independent testing laboratory to characterize magnetic and electromagnetic properties of materials.  Manufacturers of measuring equipment will test a sample for you, but they will not test 50 samples–neither will NIST or universities.  SMC will.

Stuff that can be measured includes magnetic thin films such as permalode alloys, ferrous materials, ferro-fluids, magnetic disks, or magnetic tape.  SMC can characterize a variety of sample sizes from powders, solids, liquids, and thin films.  Film can be as thin as 2,000 anstroms and up to 1 inch in diameter!!  This is unique to SMC.

If you work in one of these industrial application areas using magnetic materials and need measurements, you need to know about SMC.

“I can tell you who our past clients were, but then I would have to kill you.”